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Photo disinfectant

MICROBOSS Photo disinfectant: a must for all laboratories and other

Special Light as Photo disinfectants : MICROBOSS is developing light in particularly wavelengths as solution to disinfect the areas. Such lights can be used to disinfect areas, which can be also done with liquid or gas disinfectants. Moreover one can use such photo disinfectants along with liquid disinfectants e.g. one can disinfect the contaminated area first with MICROBOSS Photo disinfectant and after that it can be disinfected with liquid disinfectant e.g. ethanol or other common disinfectant available on the market to increase the efficiency of disinfection. Moreover MICROBOSS Photo disinfectant can be used in many areas:

1. Food processing industry: Biggest problem in food processing industry is that micro organisms start growing in micro wells of surfaces of machines and equipments. In this case, one can use MICROBOSS Photo disinfectant to reduce the load of infectious agents.

2. In Airlines: There are restroom, which are becoming a common source of spread infectious to other travellers. One can use MICROBOSS Photo disinfectant such areas. Similarly in trains, buses, such solutions are needed to decrease the load of infectious agents, where MICROBOSS Photo disinfectants can play a strong role to combat the infectious agents.

3. Laboratories: There is hardly any laboratory in the world, which is using disinfectant to reduce the load of contamination to incoming test samples. MICROBOSS photo disinfectants can be right solutions. It is highly recommended to all laboratories to get such Photo disinfectant fitted to disinfect the whole areas of laboratory.

4. In PCR laboratories, cross contamination is one of biggest problem, hence one can use MICROBOSS Photo disinfectant along with other disinfectant to get rid of DNA in air. With MICROBOSS disinfectant, you can reach areas, which are not possible with normal fixed Photo disinfectant.

5. In Hospitals, one is using liquid disinfectants. MICROBOSS Photo disinfectants will be a solution to reduce the load of bacteria as well as viruses particularly resistance ones. MICROBOSS is developing a number of solutions to reduce the drug resistance strains in hospitals as well as clinics.

6. MICROBOSS Photo disinfectants are right solutions for biogas producing companies as well as farmers, which are dealing with animals to reduce the load of infectious agents in potential dangerous areas.

These are some of applications of Photo disinfectants. One of biggest advantage of photo disinfectant is that they can be used alone also and they do not cause chemical contamination as done through liquid or gas disinfectants.


MICROBOSS Photo disinfectant
MICROBOSS Photo disinfectant
MICROBOSS Photo disinfectant