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MICROBOSS is developing a number kits for detection contamination in environment.

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Developing therapies for plant virus removal and prevention

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Chemicals PCR analysis*

Name of product DOCAmountPrice*
MB0001MICROBOSS universal DNA isolation kit 50 5079,-€
MB0002MICROBOSS universal DNA isolation kit 100 100150,-€
MB0003MICROBOSS universal DNA isolation kit 250 250399,-€
MB0004MICROBOSS universal DNA isolation kit 1000 10001200,-€
MB0005MICROBOSS Safety PCR cabinet (basic) per piece699,-€
MB0006MICROBOSS Safety PCR cabinet (Advance) per piece1099,-€
MB0007MICROBOSS molecular lab-van (solar mobile PCR van) per pieceask
MB0011MICROBOSS PCR Mastermix solution (2x) 100 1 ml25,-€
MB0012MICROBOSS PCR Mastermix solution (2x) 1000 reactions 10 ml159,-€
MB0021MICROBOSS One Step RT-Master mix 30 30 reactions125,-€
MB0022MICROBOSS One Step RT-Master Mix 200 200 reactions450,-€
MB0031MICROBOSS RT Master mix (cDNA Synthesis Kit) 100 reactions250,-€
MB0041MICROBOSS loading dye (Blue) 1ml 1 ml12,-€
MB0042MICROBOSS loading dye (Blue) 10x1ml 10 x 1 ml90,-€
MB0051MICROBOSS TAE Buffer (10x) 1 liter12,-€
MB0052MICROBOSS TAE Buffer (10x) 10 liter100,-€
MB0061MICROBOSS Generuler (100 bp) 50 ug39,-€
MB0071MICROBOSS DNA isolation kit (store at room temperature) 250 250 reactions99,-€
MB0072MICROBOSS DNA isolation kit (store at room temperature) 1000 1000 reactions299,-€
MB0073MICROBOSS DNA isolation kit (store at room temperature) 5000 5000 reactions750,-€
MB0074MICROBOSS DNA isolation kit (store at room temperature) 10000 10000 reactions1099,-€
MB0087Random Hexamer Primer (100) 1 vial10,-€
MB0088Oligo dT 20mer (100) 1 vial10,-€
MB0089T3 Promotor (100) 1 vial10,-€
MB0090T7 Promotor (100) 1 vial10,-€
MB0091T7 Terminator (100) 1 vial10,-€
MB009410 x PCR buffer ask7,-€
MB0096dNTP mix 10 mM 50022,-€
MB0097Molecular water 250ml 250 ml20,-€
MB0098Molecular water 1ml (1ml x 10 = 10 tubes) 10 tubes10,-€
MB0075Agarose 100gr (for PCR) 100 gr100,-€
MB0076Ethanol (500ml) (Molecular grade) 500 ml69,-€
MB0077Ethium Bromide ask15,-€
MB0079RNA isolation kit (Virus) 100399,-€
MB0080DNA Polymerase (Recombinant) 1000 IUask
MB0081DNA Polymerase (Native) 1000 IUask
MB008210x Reactionbuffer for MB0081 1.0μl10,-€
MB0083Tth DNA Polymerase askask
MB0085Reverse transcriptase (MMuLV) askask
MB0086RNase Inhibitor 1000 IU75,-€
MB0092Human beta-Actin Primer askask
MB0078Primer synthesis askask
MB0084Restriction enzyme (Please send us the name of the Restriction enzyme, we will send you quotation) 1000 IUask
MB0100DNA Isolation (magnetic beads) 100 reactions99,-€
MB0101RNA Isolation (magnetic beads) 100 reactions129,-€
MB0102Turbo PCR master mix 1ml 1 ml40,-€
MB0103Turbo PCR master mix 10ml 10 ml300,-€
MB0104Ethidium bromide-Adsorber-Pads (to remove Ethidium bromide buffer as well as solution to convert this in environmentally frendly solution) 10 pcsask
MB0112PCR crosscontamination preventor 100 ml15,-€
MB0113LB-Medium (Luria/Miller) (liquid, sterile, ready to use kit) 100 ml40,-€
MB0114SOC-Medium (liquid, sterile, ready to use kit) 100 ml50,-€
MB0115LB-Agar plate with ampicilin (20 plates) 20 plates40,-€
MB0116LB-Agar Medium powder 100 g20,-€
MB0117Ampicilin solution stock ready to use 100 g20,-€
MB0118IPTG 250 mgask
MB0119X-beta-Gal 100 mgask
MB0120Blood Sample Collection Kit 20 20ask
MB0121Blood Sample Collection Kit 100 100ask
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* only for research use.