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MICROBOSS is developing a number kits for detection contamination in environment.

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Developing therapies for plant virus removal and prevention

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Veterinary Medicine Solution

Name of ready to use
Bacteria and Parasites
MB-K159Aeromonas salmonicida 100299,-?
MB-K216Bacillus anthracis (common) 100299,-?
MB-K221Bacillus anthracis (toxic and non-toxic) 100499,-?
MB-K222Bacillus anthracis (multiple genes) 100699,-?
MB-K018Borrelia burgdorferi 100399,-?
MB-K197Borrelia burgdorferi genotyping 100599,-?
MB-K226Detecting of Biofilm producing bacteria 100299,-?
MB-K768Campylobacter fetus 100399,-?
MB-K756ACampylobacter genus 100299,-?
MB-K756BCampylobacter genus (incl. 2 genesequencings) 100399,-?
MB-K016Campylobacter jejuni 100299,-?
MB-K013Chlamydia psittaci 100399,-?
MB-K014Chlamydia trachomatis 100399,-?
MB-K170Clostridium genus (incl. 2 genesequencings) 100399,-?
MB-K250Clostridium perfringens (alpha) Toxin 100299,-?
MB-K251Clostridium perfringens (beta) Toxin 100299,-?
MB-K252Clostridium perfringens (epsilon) Toxin 100299,-?
MB-K253Clostridium perfringens (iota) Toxin 100299,-?
MB-K254Clostridium perfringens Enterotoxin 100299,-?
MB-K255Clostridium perfringens-2 (beta 2) Toxin 100299,-?
MB-K256Clostridium perfringens geneotyping based on six toxins (multiplex PCR) 100799,-?
MB-K257Clostridium difficile (single check) 100199,-?
MB-K258Clostridium difficile (double check) 100399,-?
MB-K259Toxogenic clostridium difficile (Toxin A) 100299,-?
MB-K260Clostridium difficile (triple check) 100699,-?
MB-K047Coxiella burnetii 100399,-?
MB-K726Cryptosporidium Parvum 100399,-?
MB-K065Echinococcus granulosus 100399,-?
MB-K792Escherichia coli double check 100299,-?
MB-K205Flavobacterium psychrophilum 100299,-?
MB-K046Helicobacter pylori 100299,-?
MB-K714Legionella genus 100299,-?
MB-K076Legionella pneumoniae 100299,-?
MB-K021Leishmania donovani 100399,-?
MB-K017Leptospira 100399,-?
MB-K337Leptospira interrogans 100299,-?
MB-K338Leptospira interrogans & Leptospira kirschneri 100399,-?
MB-K069Listeria monocytogenes 100299,-?
MB-K136Listeria monocytogenes Serotyping (under development) 100ask
MB-K760Mycobacterium avium (subsp. avium) 100499,-?
MB-K032Mycobacterium avium (subsp. paratuberculosis) DOUBLE CHECK 100599,-?
MB-K731Mycobacterium avium (subsp. paratuberculosis) SINGLE CHECK (IS900) 100399,-?
MB-K346Mycobacterium avium sp paratuberculosis (genotyping 1, II and III) 100699,-?
MB-K033Mycobacterium bovis 100399,-?
MB-K341Identification of Mycobacterium bovis BCG 100399,-?
MB-K343Differentiate between Mycobacterium bovis BCG and Mycobacterium (strict sense /non BCG) 100499,-?
MB-K038Mycobacterium complex (to differentiate between TB and non-TB) 100499,-?
MB-K155Mycobacterium genavense (incl. 1 genesequencing) 100399,-?
MB-K718Mycobacterium genus 100499,-?
MB-K008Mycoplasma agalactiae 100299,-?
MB-K118Mycoplasma alkalescens 100299,-?
MB-K048Mycoplasma bovigenitalium 100299,-?
MB-K119Mycoplasma bovirhinis 100299,-?
MB-K002Mycoplasma bovis 100299,-?
MB-K156Mycoplasma conjunctivae 100299,-?
MB-K041Mycoplasma felis 100399,-?
MB-K006Mycoplasma gallisepticum 100199,-?
MB-K001Mycoplasma genus in cell culture 100399,-?
MB-K010Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae 100299,-?
MB-K009Mycoplasma hyorhinis 100299,-?
MB-K004Mycoplasma iowae 100199,-?
MB-K005Mycoplasma meleagridis 100199,-?
MB-K003Mycoplasma mycoidis 100299,-?
MB-K766Mycoplasma mycoides cluster 100299,-?
MB-K767Mycoplasma mycoides & agalactiae multi 100399,-?
MB-K007Mycoplasma synoviae 100199,-?
MB-K125Mareks Disease100399,-?
MB-K116Neospira caninum 100399,-?
MB-K751Pasteurella multocida 100299,-?
MB-K752Pasteurella multocida (Toxigenic) 100299,-?
MB-K081Renibacterium salmoninarum 100299,-?
MB-K713Rickettsia rickettsii 100299,-?
MB-K732ASalmonella sp. 100 100299,-?
MB-K732BSalmonella sp. 1000 10002500,-?
MB-K154Salmonella enteritidis 100299,-?
MB-K157Salmonella typhimurium 100299,-?
MB-K741Shigella (Shigellas dysenteriae) 100199,-?
MB-K791Staphylococcus aureus 100199,-?
MB-K790Staphylococcus genus 100299,-?
MB-K176Streptococcus genus 100299,-?
MB-K178Streptococcus agalactiae (Group B Streptococcus) 100199,-?
MB-K070Taylorella equigenitalis 100399,-?
MB-K023Toxoplasma gondii 100399,-?
MB-K708Yersinia enterocolitica 100199,-?
MB-K206Yersinia ruckeri 100299,-?
MB-K243Enterobacter sakazakii 100299,-?
MB-K245E. coli strain of recent outbreak (O104:H4) 100399,-?
MB-K246Unknown bacteria in samples (including 3 genesequencing) 100399,-?
MB-K247Multilocus sequence typing of Borrelia burgdorferi 20599,-?
MB-K291Bartonella genus 100299,-?
MB-K328Pasteurella multocida genotype B:2 100199,-?
MB-K329Pasteurella multocida genotype A,B,D,E,F 100399,-?
MB-K330Pasteurella multocida and mannheimia haemolytica 100299,-?
MB-K399Tritrichomonas foetus 100299,-?
MB-K072Aspergillus fumigatus (incl. 2 genesequencings) 100299,-?
MB-K043Candida albicans 100299,-?
MB-K108Candida albicans + Aspergillus fumigatus 100399,-?
MB-K106Candida albicans + Aspergillus fumigatus + Fusarium 100499,-?
MB-K107Fusarium 100299,-?
MB-K268Multiplex PCR for detection of different Candida strains: C. albicans, C. glabrata, C. tropicalis, C. dubliniesis 100599,-?
MB-K269Candida tropicalis 100399,-?
MB-K270Candida glabrata 100399,-?
MB-K271Candida dubliniesis 100399,-?
MB-K195Cryptococcus neoformans 100199,-?
MB-K317Fusarium spp. 100299,-?
MB-K318Trichothecene-producing Fusarium spp. 100299,-?
MB-K319Fumonisin-producing Fusarium spp. 100299,-?
MB-K115Avian Infectious Laryngotracheitis (ILT) 100399,-?
MB-K074Avian Polyoma virus (APV) for parrots & birds 100399,-?
MB-K124Avian Polyoma Virus and feather disease: MULTIPLEX SINGLE PCR 100599,-?
MB-K114Bovine Herpes Virus (BHV-1) 100399,-?
MB-K169Canine Adeno Virus 1 (CAV-1) 100399,-?
MB-K150Canine Adeno Virus 2 (CAV-2) 100399,-?
MB-K093Canine Herpes Virus 100399,-?
MB-K151Canine Parvovirus (CPV) 100399,-?
MB-K132Chicken Anaemia Virus 100399,-?
MB-K066Duck Virus Enteritis (DVE) 100399,-?
MB-K092Equine Herpes Virus 1+4 (Multiplex Single PCR) 100499,-?
MB-K096Feline Herpes Virus (FHV) 100299,-?
MB-K172Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) 100399,-?
MB-K173Feline Panleukopenia Virus 100399,-?
MB-K120FOWL POX (Poultry) 100399,-?
MB-K123Koi Herpes Virus (KHV) 100299,-?
MB-K345Lumpy-skin disease virus 100399,-?
MB-K168Pigeon Circovirus 100399,-?
MB-K711Poricine Circovirus 2 100399,-?
MB-K134Porcine Parvovirus 100399,-?
MB-K073Pistticane Beak and Feather disease virus (PBFD for parrots & birds) 100399,-?
MB-K265Ovine Herpes Virus-2 100399,-?
Blood Parasites
MB-K097Anaplasma phagocytophilum 100399,-?
MB-K078Babesia bovis 100399,-?
MB-K719Babesia caballi 100399,-?
MB-K720Babesia equi 100399,-?
MB-K793Babesia genus 100399,-?
MB-K022Babesia gibsoni 100399,-?
MB-K750Theileria annulata 100499,-?
MB-K753Theileria genus 100399,-?
MB-K261Trypanosoma evansi 100299,-?
MB-K262Trypanosoma 100299,-?
Species - specific tests
MB-K020DNA Birdsexing 100299,-?
MB-K082DNA Birdsexing (crane) 100399,-?
MB-K083DNA Birdsexing (falcon) 100ask
MB-K171Ostrich Sexing 100299,-?
MB-K024Identification of species-specific DNA (bovine) 100299,-?
MB-K027Identification of species-specific DNA (buffalo) 100299,-?
MB-K035Identification of species-specific DNA (buffalo&cow) 100499,-?
MB-K705Identification of species-specific DNA (camels) 100299,-?
MB-K704Identification of canine-specific DNA (dogs) 100399,-?
MB-K703Identification of species-specific DNA (cats) (including 1 genesequencing) 100399,-?
MB-K028Identification of species-specific DNA (chicken) 100299,-?
MB-K030Identification of species-specific DNA (fish) 100299,-?
MB-K603Identification of species-specific DNA (horses) (including 1 genesequencing) 100399,-?
MB-K026Identification of species-specific DNA (ovine) 100299,-?
MB-K029Identification of species-specific DNA (porcine) 100299,-?
MB-K079Identification of turkey specific DNA 100299,-?
MB-K198DNA Birdsexing verification test 100399,-?
MB-K362Genekam Barcode(avian):Ready to use PCR kit for barcoding birds + 10 free genesequencings 100399,-?
MB-K363Genekam Barcode(avian):Ready to use PCR kit for barcoding birds containing genesequencing solutions 100399,-?
MB-K364Genekam barcode (mammals):Ready to use PCR Kit for barcoding mammals + 10 free genesequencings 100399,-?
MB-K365Genekam barcode (mammals): Ready to use PCR kit for barcoding mammals containing genesequencing solutions 100399,-?
MB-K366Genekam barcode (fish):Ready to use PCR Kit for barcoding fish + 10 free genesequencings 100399,-?
MB-K367Genekam barcode (fish):Ready to use PCR Kit for barcoding fish containing genesequencing solutions 100399,-?
MB-K299Bovine sexing 100299,-?
MB-K368Mammal-DNA specific PCR kit 100199,-?
MB-K369Genotyping Knockout Mice 100199,-?
MB-K370Genotyping Knockout Mice incl. DNA Isolation kit 100249,-?
RNA - Viruses
MB-K333AFluhunter: Avian Influenza H5 (one step) 100499,-?
MB-K332AFluhunter: Avian Influenza H7 (one step) 100499,-?
MB-K331AFluhunter: Avian Influenza virus H9 (one step) 100499,-?
MB-K177AFluhunter: Avian Influenza virus H5, H7 100699,-?
MB-K127AFluhunter: Avian Influenza virus H5, N1, H7 and H9 100999,-?
MB-K127BFluhunter: Avian Influenza virus H5, H7, H9 incl. 15 genesequencings 1001599,-?
MB-K122DFluhunter: Influenza virus H3N2 100599,-?
MB-K413Fluhunter: Influenza virus N1 100599,-?
MB-K769Fluhunter: Avian Influenza virus H9 incl. 2 genesequencings 100999,-?
MB-K122AFluhunter: Avian Influenza virus H9, H5, N1 100899,-?
MB-K122BFluhunter: Avian Influenza virus H9, H5, N1 incl. 2 sequencings 100999,-?
MB-K122CFluhunter: Avian Influenza virus H9, H5, N1 incl. 15 genesequencings 1001499,-?
MB-K123BFluhunter: Ready to use avian influenza virus H5N1 : human only incl. 2 free sequencings DUPLEX PCR DOUBLE CHECK 100999,-?
MB-K199Avian Reo Virus 100499,-?
MB-K111Bluetongue Virus BTV 100699,-?
MB-K174Bovine Leukemia Virus (pro DNA) 100499,-?
MB-K131Bovine Parainfluenza Virus Type 3 BPIV3 100599,-?
MB-K064Bovine respiratory syncytial virus 100699,-?
MB-K059Bovine viral diarrhoea virus BVDV 100499,-?
MB-K764Bovine viral diarrhoea virus 1 and 2 (Genotyping) 100699,-?
MB-K031Canine distemper Virus 100499,-?
MB-K735BClassical swine fever virus CSFV DOUBLE CHECK + Pestivirus CSFV, BVDV, BDV + Classic swine fever virus + 2 genesequencing 1001199,-?
MB-K347Fluhunter: Detection of 15 H Subtypes of avian influenza viruses H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, H7, H8, H9, H10, H11, H12, H13, H14, H15 1001299,-?
MB-K348Fluhunter: Detection of 9 N subtypes of avian influenza virus N1 to N9 100999,-?
MB-K349Detection of 15 H subtypes and 9 N subtypes of avian influenza virus 100ask
MB-K350Fluhunter: Detection of equine influenza virus H3N8 100599,-?
MB-K351Fluhunter: Detection of equine influenza virus H7 100599,-?
MB-K803Feline Calicivirus FCV 100499,-?
MB-K200FIP (Feline infectious peritonitis virus) 100499,-?
MB-K729Foot-and-mouth-disease FMD 100599,-?
MB-K149Foot-and-mouth-disease FMD genotyping: O, A, C, asia1 100599,-?
MB-K223Foot-and-mouth-disease FMD triple check 100999,-?
MB-K121Infectious Bursal disease IBDV Gumboro disease 100699,-?
MB-K746H1N1 of swine origin circulating in swine (single check) This assay should be used to detect H1N1 of swine origin in the samples of animals like pigs. This assay cannot detect recently outbr... 100799,-?
MB-K203AFluhunter: Influenza A virus (one step) 100599,-?
MB-K203BFluhunter: Influenza A virus incl. 2 genesequencings 100699,-?
MB-K303Fluhunter: Influenza H7 100599,-?
MB-K734AMosquito borne flaviviruses (Universal solution) 100899,-?
MB-K734BMosquito borne flaviviruses (Universal solution) +10 genesequencings 1001299,-?
MB-K734CMosquito borne flaviviruses (Universal solution) +30 genesequencings 1001999,-?
MB-K734DMosquito borne flaviviruses (Universal solution) +70 genesequencings 1002899,-?
MB-K230Fluhunter: Genotyping of Influenza Viruses H3, H4, H8, H9, H12, H14 100799,-?
MB-K231Fluhunter: Genotyping of Influenza Viruses H1, H2, H5, H6, H12 100799,-?
MB-K232Fluhunter: Genotyping of Influenza Viruses H7, H10, H15 100799,-?
MB-K233Fluhunter: Genotyping of Influenza Viruses H9, H11, H13, H16 100799,-?
MB-K234Fluhunter: Genotyping of all Influenza Viruses H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, H7, H8, H9, H10, H11, H12, H13, H14, H15, H16 1001499,-?
MB-K049Newcastle Disease NDV poultry 100699,-?
MB-K229Pestes des petit ruminants PPR 100799,-?
MB-K042PRRSV (porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus) 100599,-?
MB-K077ARabies Virus 100799,-?
MB-K077BRabies Virus (incl. 5 genesequencings) 100899,-?
MB-K060Rotavirus 100599,-?
MB-K249Sandfly fever sicilian virus 100799,-?
MB-K034Tick-borne encephalitis TBE (human) 100899,-?
MB-K334AUniversal Fluhunter 1: Universal PCR kit for Matrix gene (M-gene) decoding and detection of all Influenza viruses + genesequencing chemicals included 100799,-?
MB-K334BUniversal Fluhunter 1: Universal PCR kit for Matrix gene (M-gene) of all Influenza viruses + 10 genesequencings 1001199,-?
MB-K410AWest Nile Virus WNV 100799,-?
MB-K410BWest Nile Virus WNV (incl. 2 genesequencings) 100899,-?
MB-K267Arthropod-Borne Universal Flavivirus kit (It detects Dengue virus, West nile virus, JEV, TEBV, Yellow fever, St. Luis Encephalitis Virus and other flaviviruses of athropod like Mosquitoes an... 100799,-?
MB-K313Fluhunter: Ready to use PCR kit for H3N2 (Iowa strain) 100ask
MB-K354Fluhunter -Corona (Universal Kit) with 5 genesequencings 100599,-?
MB-K355Fluhunter -Corona (Universal Kit) with 25 genesequencings 100799,-?
MB-K356Fluhunter-Corona Plus (Universal kit) with 5 genesequencings 100699,-?
MB-K358Fluhunter-Corona Plus (Universal kit) with 50 genesequencings 100999,-?
MB-K360Fluhunter Middle East SARS virus (Single Check):Ready to use PCR Kit to detect the middle east SARS virus 100499,-?
MB-K361Fluhunter Middle East SARS virus (Double Check):Ready to use PCR Kit to detect the middle east SARS virus 100799,-?
MB-K315Ebola Virus Reston Strain 100599,-?
MB-K314Ebola Virus Zaire Strain 100599,-?
MB-K316Ebola Virus Sudan strain 100599,-?
MB-K724Rift Valley Fever (genesequencing)100ask
MB-K730Rinderpest (free genesequencing)100ask
MB-K300Schmallenberg Virus (triple check100ask
Biodefence Detection Products
MB-BIO001Francisella tularensis 100ask
MB-BIO002Francisella tularensis and Francisella like 100ask
MB-BIO004Rinderpest 100ask
MB-BIO005Foot and mouth disease 100ask
MB-BIO006Coxiella burnetii 100ask
MB-BIO007Anthrax 100ask
EDU03Detection of pathogenic bacteria (Salmonella) 100199,-?
Molecular Antibiotic Resistant Test
MB-K080AMRSA Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus with internal control 100399,-?
MB-K080BMRSA with two internal controls: Staphylococcus and Staphylococcus aureus 100699,-?
Multiplex PCR
MB-K738AMycoplasma synoviae + Mycoplasma gallisepticum 100499,-?
MB-K738BMycoplasma synoviae + Mycoplasma gallisepticum 100ask
MB-K739Mycoplasma hypopneumoniae + Mycoplasma hyorhinis 100499,-?
MB-K767Mycoplasma mycoides cluster & Mycoplasma agalactiae 100399,-?
Bacterial Toxins
MB-K137E. coli Verotoxin 1 (VT1) 100ask
MB-K138E. coli Verotoxin 2 (VT2) 100ask
MB-K139E. coli Verotoxin 2e (VT2e) 100ask
MB-K140E. coli attaching and effacing mechanisms (eaeA) 100ask
MB-K141E. coli cytotoxic necrotizing factors 1 (CNF1) 100ask
MB-K142E. coli cytotoxic necrotizing factors 2 (CNF2) 100ask
MB-K143E. coli heat-labile toxin 1 (LTI) 100ask
MB-K144E. coli heat-stable toxin 1 (STI) 100ask
MB-K145E. coli heat-stable toxin 2 (STII) 100ask
MB-K146E. coli entrooinvasive mechanisms (Einv) 100ask
MB-K147E. coli entrooinvasive mechanisms (Einv) 100ask
Mini Kits (Conventional PCR)
MB-MK001Mycoplasma genus 50199,-?
MB-MK010Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae 50149,-?
MB-MK021Leishmania donovani 50199,-?
MB-MK046Helicobacter pylori 50199,-?
MB-MK123Koi Herpes Virus (KHV) 50199,-?
MB-MK169Canine Adeno Virus 1 (CAV-1) 50199,-?
MB-MK203Influenza virus A 50399,-?
MB-MK234Genotyping of Influenza Viruses H1, H3, H4, H5, H6, H7, H8, H9, H10, H11, H12, H13, H14, H15, H16 50999,-?
MB-MK731Mycobacterium avium (subsp. paratuberculosis) 50199,-?
MB-MK752Pasteurella multocida (Toxigenic) 50199,-?
MB-MK792Escherichia coli double check 50159,-?
Ready to use PCR Kits (REAL TIME PCR)
MB-FR054Anaplasma phagocytophilum 100399,-?
MB-FR053Aspergillus fumigatus 100399,-?
MB-FR026Avian infectious laryngotracheitis 100499,-?
MB-FR006Fluhunter: Avian Influenza virus H5N1 100599,-?
MB-FR022Fluhunter: Avian Influenza virus H7 100999,-?
MB-FR055Fluhunter: Avian Influenza virus H9 100799,-?
MB-FR029Fluhunter: Avian Influenza virus H5N1 - One Step 100699,-?
MB-FR093Babesia bigemina 100399,-?
MB-FR094Babesia bovis 100399,-?
MB-FR056Bacillus anthracis 100ask
MB-FR035Blue tongue virus 100599,-?
MB-FR004Bordetella pertussis 100299,-?
MB-FR010Borrelia Burgdorferi 100499,-?
MB-FR065Bovine DNA 100ask
MB-FR092Bovine ephemeral fever 100799,-?
MB-FR045Bovine Herpes Virus 1 BHV-1 100499,-?
MB-FR072Bovine Respiratory syncytial virus 100699,-?
MB-FR046Bovine viral diarrhoea virus BVDV 100499,-?
MB-FR081Brucella spp. 100399,-?
MB-FR049Campylobacter jejuni 100299,-?
MB-FR052Candida albicans 100399,-?
MB-FR080Chlamydia spp. 100399,-?
MB-FR064Chicken DNA 100ask
MB-FR205Theileria annulata 100499,-?
MB-FR104Classical swine fewer virus 100599,-?
MB-FR002Coxiella burnetii 100499,-?
MB-FR167Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic virus 100599,-?
MB-FR044Feline Herpes Virus 100399,-?
MB-FR047Foot and mouth disease FMD 100799,-?
MB-FR085Glanders 100399,-?
MB-FR017Gram-negative bacteria 100299,-?
MB-FR021Gram-positive Bacteria 100499,-?
MB-FR027Infectious bronchitis virus IBV 100699,-?
MB-FR078Infectious Bursal disease IBDV - Gumboro disease 100799,-?
MB-FR005Fluhunter: Influenza A virus 100599,-?
MB-FR058Fluhunter: Influenza virus H1 100699,-?
MB-FR063Fluhunter: Influenza Virus H1N1 : to differentiate between seasonal H1N1 and recently outbreak human H1N1 of swine origin 100899,-?
MB-FR059Fluhunter: Influenza virus H3 100699,-?
MB-FR088Fluhunter: Influenza virus N1 100699,-?
MB-FR087Fluhunter: Influenza virus N2 100699,-?
MB-FR079Pestes des petit ruminants PPR 100799,-?
MB-FR060Fluhunter: Influenza A Virus - Ready to use realtime PCR kit 100499,-?
MB-FR101WRealtime Fluhunter: Influenza A 100799,-?
MB-FR102WRealtime Fluhunter: Swine Influenza A 100899,-?
MB-FR069Rift Valley fever virus 100799,-?
MB-FR082Rota virus A 100799,-?
MB-FR076Toxoplasma gondii 100199,-?
MB-FR099Koi Herpes Virus KHV 100299,-?
MB-FR100Koi Herpes Virus KHV internal control 100599,-?
MB-FR050Listeria monocytogenes 100499,-?
MB-FR084Lumpy skin disease virus 100499,-?
MB-FR048mammal DNA - internal control 100599,-?
MB-FR014AMycobacterium avium sp. paratuberculosis 100 100499,-?
MB-FR014BMycobacterium avium sp. paratuberculosis 1000 1000ask
MB-FR030Mycoplasma gallisepticum 100299,-?
MB-FR032Newcastle disease virus 100799,-?
MB-FR036Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus 100599,-?
MB-FR051Rabies virus 100499,-?
MB-FR034Salmonella sp. 100299,-?
MB-FR098Tick DNA 100499,-?
MB-FR070West nile virus 100699,-?
MB-FR106Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae 100399,-?
MB-FR109Legionella pneumoniae 100399,-?
MB-FR110Clostridium perfringes serotype A 100499,-?
MB-FR107Clostridium perfringes serotype B 1001199,-?
MB-FR111Clostridium perfringes serotype C 100699,-?
MB-FR112Clostridium perfringes serotype D 100699,-?
MB-FR113Clostridium perfringes serotype E 100699,-?
MB-FR114Clostridium perfringes toxin ? 100399,-?
MB-FR115Clostridium perfringes toxin ? 100399,-?
MB-FR116Clostridium perfringes toxin ? 100399,-?
MB-FR117Clostridium perfringes toxin ? 100399,-?
MB-FR119Mammal internal control for RNA based targets viruses 100299,-?
MB-FR120Francisella tularensis 100399,-?
MB-FR121Francisella tularensis double check 100399,-?
MB-FR122Giardia lamblia 100299,-?
MB-FR123Gram negative and positive bacteria 100499,-?
MB-FR125Total bacterial load 100299,-?
MB-FR126Fluhunter: Avian Influenza Virus Group A, H5, H7, H9 askask
MB-FR127Mycoplasma synoviae 100399,-?
MB-FR151Fluhunter-Middle East-SARS-Real (Single Check) 100499,-?
MB-FR152Fluhunter-Middle East-SARS-Real (Double check) 100799,-?
MB-FR178Fluhunter: Influenza H6 + H9 + Internal control (poultry) 100699,-?
MB-FR177Fluhunter: Influenza H6 virus 100499,-?
MB-FR176Hepatitis E virus 100699,-?
MB-FR185Taylorella equigenitalis 100399,-?
MB-FR186Canina Parvovirus 100199,-?
MB-FR187Trypanosoma evansi 100399,-?
MB-FR189Rabies Genotyping (1,5 and 6) 100799,-?
MB-FR192Rotavirus A + Mammal (including human) Internal Control 100699,-?
MB-FR194Brucella abortus 100399,-?
MB-FR195Brucella abortus + Internal control 100499,-?
MB-FR200FMD (Foot and Mouth virus) + Rinderpest virus 100699,-?
MB-FR201Mycoplasma mycoides subsp. mycoides 100399,-?
MB-FR202Avian Polyoma Virus 100399,-?
MB-FR203Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease PBFD 100399,-?
MB-FR204Pasteurella multocida 100399,-?
MB-FR210African Swine Fever 100399,-?
MB-FR212Legionella pneumophila 100399,-?
MB-FR213Respiratory synctial virus A & B 100799,-?
MB-FR214HPV High Risk Genotyping (16,18,31,33) 100699,-?
MB-FR215Norovirus 100599,-?
MB-FR216Hepatitis A virus 100599,-?
MB-FR220Fluhunter: Avian Influenza H8 virus 100599,-?
MB-FR221Fluhunter: Avian Influenza H12 virus 100599,-?
MB-FR223Fluhunter: Avian Influenza H6 virus 100599,-?
MB-FR224Fluhunter: Avian Influenza H4 virus 100599,-?
MB-FR225Fluhunter: Avian Influenza H7N9 virus 100699,-?
MB-FR226Fluhunter: Avian Influenza H7N9 virus + Mammal (incl. Human) Internal control 100799,-?
MB-FR227Equine Herpes Virus-1 100299,-?
MB-FR228Equine Herpes Virus-2 100299,-?
MB-FR230Fluhunter: N3-Influenza-virus 100499,-?
MB-FR231Fluhunter: N8-Influenza-virus 100499,-?
MB-FR232Fluhunter: N9-Influenza-virus 100499,-?
MB-FR233Fluhunter: N6 Influenza virus 100499,-?
MB-FR243Fluhunter: N7 Influenza virus 100499,-?
MB-FR244Fluhunter: N5 Influenza virus 100499,-?
MB-FR245Fluhunter: N4 Influenza virus 100499,-?
MB-FR246Fluhunter: H6N1 Influenza virus 100599,-?
MB-FR247Fluhunter: H3N2 Influenza virus 100599,-?
MB-FR249Fluhunter: H5N8 Influenza virus + mammal (incl. Human) internal control 100599,-?
MB-FR250Fluhunter: H5N8 Influenza virus + avian internal control 100599,-?
MB-FR251Fluhunter: H5N1 Influenza virus + avian internal control 100599,-?
MB-FR255Avian Polyoma virus + Beak and Feather disease virus 100599,-?
MB-FR256Fluhunter: H10N9 Influenza virus 100699,-?
MB-FR257Mycobacterium tuberculosis /Rifampicin resistance 100399,-?
MB-FR258Mycobacterium bovis 100399,-?
MB-FR259Contagious caprine pleuropneumoniae (Mycoplasma capricolum) 100399,-?
MB-FR260Streptococcus Equi 100399,-?
MB-FR261Bovine Coronavirus 100599,-?
MB-FR262Fluhunter: Avian Influenza H11 100499,-?
MB-FR263Fluhunter: Avian Influenza H10 100499,-?
MB-FR264Fluhunter: H10N8-Avian Influenza Virus 100599,-?
MB-FR265Fluhunter:H6N1-Avian Influenza Virus 100599,-?
MB-FR266Fluhunter:H6N6-Avian Influenza Virus 100599,-?
MB-FR267Fluhunter: H4N6-Avian Influenza Virus 100599,-?
MB-FR268Fluhunter:H4N2-Avian Influenza Virus 100599,-?
MB-FR269Fluhunter:H4N5-Avian Influenza Virus 100599,-?
MB-FR270Fluhunter: H4N9-Avian Influenza Virus 100599,-?
MB-FR271Fluhunter: H9N2-Avian Influenza Virus 100699,-?
MB-FR272Fluhunter: Influenza Virus H14 100499,-?
MB-FR273Fluhunter: Influenza Virus H15 100499,-?
MB-FR274Fluhunter: Influenza Virus H16 100499,-?
MB-FR275Fluhunter: H16N3 Avian Influenza Virus 100599,-?
MB-FR276Fluhunter: Influenza Virus H13 100499,-?
MB-FR277Fluhunter:H13N8-Avian Influenza Virus 100699,-?
MB-FR278Fluhunter:H13N9-Avian Influenza Virus 100699,-?
MB-FR279Fluhunter:H13N3-Avian Influenza Virus 100599,-?
MB-FR280Fluhunter:H14N3-Avian Influenza Virus 100599,-?
MB-FR281Fluhunter:H14N6-Avian Influenza Virus 100599,-?
MB-FR282Fluhunter:H14N8-Avian Influenza Virus 100599,-?
MB-FR283Fluhunter:H14N2-Avian Influenza Virus 100599,-?
MB-FR284Fluhunter:H15N9-Avian Influenza Virus 100699,-?
MB-FR285Fluhunter:H15N8-Avian Influenza Virus 100699,-?
MB-FR286Bluetongue Virus serotype 1 100499,-?
MB-FR287Bluetongue Virus serotype 4 100499,-?
MB-FR288Bluetongue Virus serotype 6 100499,-?
MB-FR289Bluetongue Virus serotype 8 100499,-?
MB-FR290Theileria genus 100399,-?
MB-FR291Anaplasma genus 100399,-?
MB-FR292Babesia genus 100399,-?
MB-FR293Epizootic haemorrhagic disease Virus 100399,-?
MB-FR295Campylobacter jejuni,C.lari,C.coli Multiplex 100599,-?
MB-FR296Identification of Porcine DNA 100399,-?
MB-FR297Pseudomonas aeruginosa 100399,-?
MB-FR298Yersinia enterocolita 100399,-?
MB-FR299Vibrio parahaemolyticus 100399,-?
MB-FR300Coronabacter sakazakii 100399,-?
MB-FR301Clostridium perfringens 100399,-?
MB-FR302Bacillus cereus 100399,-?
MB-FR304Fluhunter: Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Virus H5N1(Determination of virulence potential;PCR-typing of the pathogenicity) 100699,-?
MB-FR305Tritrichomonas foetus 100399,-?
MB-FR306Eimeria tenella 100399,-?
MB-FR313Foot and mouth disease Virus (FMD), Type : Asia1 100call
MB-FR314Foot and mouth disease Virus (FMD), Type : O 100call
MB-FR315Foot and mouth disease Virus (FMD), Type : C 100call
MB-FR316Foot and mouth disease Virus (FMD), Type : A 100call
MB-FR317Bluetongue Virus 2 100599,-?
MB-FR356Fluhunter: Avian Influenza Virus H5N2100599,-?
MB-FR357Fluhunter: Avian Influenza Virus H5N6100599,-?
MB-FR400Avian Influenza virus H5N8100599,-?
MB-FR401White Spot Syndrome Virus100399,-?
MB-FR402Yellow Head Virus100499,-?
MB-FR403Taura Syndrome Virus100499,-?
MB-FR404White Spot Syndrome Virus + Yellow Head Virus100699,-?
MB-FR028Mareks Disease Realtime100399,-?
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