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MICROBOSS is developing a number kits for detection contamination in environment.

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Developing therapies for plant virus removal and prevention

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cDNA Pig (Porcine) Tissue first-strand*

Name of product DOCReactionsPrice*
MCDPI001Brain cDNA 50ask
MCDPI002Lung cDNA 50ask
MCDPI003Lymph node cDNA 50ask
MCDPI004Kidney cDNA 50ask
MCDPI005Intestine cDNA 50ask
MCDPI006Skeletal muscle cDNA 50ask
MCDPI007Heart cDNA 50ask
MCDPI008Skin cDNA 50ask
MCDPI009Eye cDNA, 50 reactins 50ask
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* only for research use.