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MICROBOSS is developing a number kits for detection contamination in environment.

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Developing therapies for plant virus removal and prevention

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Artificial Insemination

MICROBOSS has developed a number of semen extenders for different species. Purpose of the semen extender is to dilute the semen in such concentration that it can be used for maximum number of females to get the best progeny instead of one which is normal case in the nature. Semen extenders are prepared in such a way that they must give the best results with a particular breed or species. These are sold under the brand name of MICROBOSS Gold SET series. The application of semen extenders: These are made in such a way that the user does not add anything to them. The composition of semen extenders differs between the species therefore user has to choose the right product. Please do not use the same product for other species for which it is not recommended as it will give poor results or no results at all.

  1. Storage of diluted semen: In case of poultry, one can dilute the semen of cock and keep it at room temperature or in freeze. During this time, one can use it for artificial insemination or process further for deep freezing. Just add the collected semen to it and rotate the tube. It is ready to be stored or further application. These are non-toxic solutions to cells so that diluted semen can give best performance.

  2. Freezing of diluted semen: The diluted semen can be used to be stored in liquid nitrogen with cryopreservatives. MICROBOSS has developed a number of these solutions. One can store the diluted semen in straws and they can be used to inseminated females mammals. Insemination of different animals needs different methods e.g. size of storage straws can be different or insemination instruments can be different depending on the species.



There are a number of hatcheries or breeders around the world as they can use these to dilute the semen in order to increase the number of hatching eggs from one best selected cock. This can increase the yield in term of eggs or meats. Similarly the semen of best birds can be stored to be used in future.



We are looking for distributors of these products around the world. These products are shipped sterile.