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MICROBOSS is developing a number kits for detection contamination in environment.

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Developing therapies for plant virus removal and prevention

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MICROBOSS Artificial insemination Solutions for Swine breeding

MICROBOSS Hightech is developing a number of solutions for improvement of artificial insemination process for swine breeding. The main focus is how to increase the fertility rate while keeping other factors like microbiological contamination lower. The other major focus will be how to get maximum of animals with minimum dose of semen so that semen from the best animals can lead to maximum economic benefits. MICROBOSS Hightech is developing a number of high-tech tools to achieve these objects.

MICROBOSS Gold SET (Semen Extenders):

MICROBOSS extenders are made of highest quality components. Quality of water used is highest in order to reduce the effects on semen quality. MICROBOSS extenders are sterile products or packed as powder, where the user has add the given quantity of sterile highest quality water. MICROBOSS extenders are being made marketed under the brand name of MICROBOSS Gold SET. MICROBOSS plans to develop also specific solutions to the clients e.g. 10X or 100X solutions so that one can add water in order to create working solution, which will be best for institutes or companies, which have manpower to do such dilution. If you are planning to use the artificial insemination on wild animals, you may consult us for providing diluents as MICROBOSS is going to develop solutions in this area also. Warning: please do not use the extender of one species to another species for which it is not indicated. Each product will be delivered with quality of certificate, batch number, date of expiry, date of lot number. They are also known as semen diluents.

Not only this, we are going to bring solutions how to analyse the quality of semen and how to improve the success rate of artificial insemination.

For swine, we have created two different semen extenders. One is for short time (ST), which will be for 3 days and other is long time i.e. 10 days. There will be extenders, which are without antibiotics, where one has to use its own curtail of antibiotics. MICROBOSS is offering the products as one pack for particular litres e.g. MB-AOO1, where one has to dissolve one pack in 6 litre of water.

The formulation is from the literature, which is being used for many years, hence it means this solution is more attractive as the efficiency of this solution is well tested in literature.

MICROBOSS Gold SET (Swine; Short Time): No Antibiotics

This pack is to be dissolved in 6 litres
8 € / Pack
This pack is to be dissolved in 12 litres
14 € / Pack
This pack is to be dissolved in 20 litres
26 € / Pack


MICROBOSS Gold SET (Swine; Long Time): No Antibiotics

This pack is to be dissolved in 6 litres
This pack is to be dissolved in 12 litres
This pack is to be dissolved in 20 litres



MICROBOSS has developed a number of solutions for staining the semen immediately after the collection and during the process of collection and freezing. The stains can be used to provide some quality controls e.g. to differentiate between dead and live sperms. These stains can be applied on sperms of different species. The stained slides can be seen under microscope.

MB-A021Nigrosin Eosin 20 ml10,- €
MB-A022Nigrosin 10 x 20 ml10,- €
MB-A023Eosin 5 x 20 ml10,- €
MB-A024Aniline Blue Stain 10 ml10,- €
MB-A025Aniline Blue Stain 100 ml40,- €


Egg yolk diluent: It can be used to dilute the egg yolk.

MB-A035Egg yolk diluent (Sterile) 200 ml10,- €
MB-A036Phosphate buffer (Sterile) 500 ml15,- €



MB-A03750 pieces x 50 ml sterile Tubes
These tubes can used to centrifuge. They can used to store or transport the semen.
15,- €
MB-A038Pasteur pipette (100 pieces per packing, 3 ml)
Non Sterile; they are also called transport pipettes
11,- €
MB-A039Sterile Pipette Set (Indivually packed)
4 pieces of 1 ml, 4 pieces of 5 ml and 4 pieces of 10 ml
12,- €
MB-A040Reaction Tubes (Non Sterile; 100 pieces) 2 ml7,- €
MB-A041Semen Transport Box Kit: Styropor Box (Big), Styropor Box Small, 20 Ice Bags 400 ml12,- €
MB-A042Semen Transport Box Super kit: Styropor Box (Big), 20 Ice bags 400 ml, 50 tubes package of sterile 50 ml tubes, 100 pasteur pipettes (Non sterile)35,- €
MB-KI01Disinfection 10 x 1 mg Tablet23,- €


These are chlorine dioxide based infection, which should more efficiently to remove Pathogens from surfaces and utensils being used in artificial insemination. Many centres are using alcohol based disinfectant, hence it is better to use other disinfectant to increase the effectiveness. These tablets are very simple to use. One has to put it in water and this water can be used disinfectant as spray or with a sponge.

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